Saturday, November 12, 2011

Week 1 - wrapping up

As of now, I wrapped up my activities of 'Week 1' at my new assignment. This past week has been exhaustive at this new environment, culture and people. I completely attribute this smooth transition a result of prayers and wishes from my loved ones.

Charlotte, my new work site, is a short 35 minute flight, or a 4 hour drive from our place. It's one of those choices which is hard to make - either to drive on I-85 or to fly.  I ultimately chose to fly rather than drive, since it makes one lot more productive on Mondays. However, they do not serve any refreshments on board our flights due to it's short nature.

The office is a beautiful one - one of the best I've ever worked at.  It has areas named after key cities of the world. My current location is called 'Venice'. Part of my team is in 'Mexico City' and I held my training sessions in the 'Aztec conference room.'  There is a courtyard with a fountian just outside of 'Venice' where I hold meetings with my team.  Starting December, during the next phase of the project, we will move into 'Mumbai.'

My responsibilities include setting up the project environment, establishing project governance, managing on-shore and off shore team, setting up deadlines, distributing tasks, advising the client, tracking the finances - all those usual tasks. In a nutshell, I am running this entire show and in the end, I am responsible to make this client happy by delivering what was promised.

One of the major tasks this week was to train the client team on Business Intelligence.  Without knowing the audience, I was wondering what and how to prepare for this task.  I used the same concept I use at Sunday school - start with the basics, and deliver it to my audience in a way they will never forget it in their life, using the KIS (keep it simple) principle.  Guess what - it worked!! I've created a good rapport with the team - now the challenge is to maintain it.

As usual, nightlife is something that's back on the cards, and going out to enjoy with the team is part of the consulting culture. Spending long nights talking, enjoying music and good food is something I am doing as well. This time, I am careful not to eat too much but take part in the fun.

While I was there, I missed out my daily workouts regime at the gym. By sheer luck, I found a pamphlet of a gym at one of the canteen tables. This place is right across the street from the Residence Inn Marriott I am staying.  I negotiated a deal - $15 per month and no enrollment fee and signed up for the same. Starting next week, I can go workout.

I got back home on Thursday evening and my family did not allow me to spend time with my 'black beauties' that evening. Don't read me wrong - my 'black beauties' are my laptop computers that I carry with me. My family missed me this week; so did our pets. Yesterday was one of those days where I had to document everything and was tired after my trip.

Rolling into the weekend, it seems like an occasion to recharge my batteries. Today, we will go to the wake and we may skip church on Sunday morning and go directly to the Sunday school - since we plan to attend the funeral.


Father's love letter

Let me share a wonderful video I received from a good friend.  This will make us think the extend of love our father has, towards us.  

Credits: A good friend

Monday, November 7, 2011

Wonderful day

I had an extremely busy day starting off my new project - so much to put together in such short time.  Isn't it always like that? My task at hand is to manage a complex project and today was just Day 1 - the kick off day.

Imagine you are playing an important game of golf.  While you are all alone, what if Tiger Woods came by and stood next to you, saying, "I am here today just to help you.  Consider these factors and this is how you should swing your club."  Then imagine Woods smiling at you after you start off the game and saying, "Listen, these are the challenges you will face on this golf course and hey, feel free to call me anytime you have trouble or even a silly question about golf."

That is exactly how I felt today. I was visited by a guardian angel who was with me, helping me during all of today's events - suggesting what I should say, how I should say, and pointing out the hidden challenges. This person who came to help me today (from Dallas, TX) is a heavy weight champion - the equivalent of Tiger Woods in golf. He came for just 3 hours and every minute of it was a valuable learning experience.  I felt as if I spent 3 days with him already!!

Just don't have the words to explain it in a better language.  Yes, I do believe in guardian angels and today was one of those days.  You have to experience it, to know how it feels.


Sunday, November 6, 2011

Fruits I seek in my life

"The Holy Spirit produces this kind of fruit in our lives: 
Gentleness and 

- Galatians 5:22-23